Character Portrait Commissions

So, when I’m not doing really smart things in EVE like accidentally locking a corpie out of our wormhole or getting myself exploded by whatever neighbors Bob decides to throw at us on a given day, I like to draw in my free time. It’s an enjoyable hobby, and I do take on commissions from time to time.

When I saw Mynxee post some brilliant examples of her work over at Outlaw Insouciant not long ago, I was both impressed and inspired. We got to chatting about art on Twitter, and after talking to her, I found myself wondering why despite being an MMO gamer for many years, I’ve never really delved into the world of fanart.

Anyway, she gave me a little nudge in the right direction, and I decided to change that this weekend. Below are some quick ink sketches I’ve done of my characters:

unnamed (1)


I’ve had some enquiries about character portraits after I shared these two photos with Tweetfleet, and so I’ve also decided to open up a proper commissions queue to the community.

What I want: 1 billion ISK.

What you’ll get: A scan of the drawing of your character in a similar style to the drawings above, on A3 paper (about 11 x 17), at both 72 dpi and 150 dpi. At this time I am offering black and white ink portraits only.

These are drawn using professional quality india ink and drawing pens. For these two pieces I just used cartridge paper, but for commissioned work I would use a higher quality watercolor paper.

Work on any commissions received will begin after February 6th 2015, as I have some pre-existing meatspace art commissions currently in the queue awaiting that hard deadline.

How it works: Places in the queue are secured upon a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% of the balance will be required upon completion of the piece.

Interested? Contact me via EVEmail ingame at Brenn Derrington if you want me to draw you like one of my Minmatar pilots. 😉

Going to conclude this post with a thank you and shoutout to Mynxee and Rixx Javix for the encouragement and advice they’ve given me as I’ve gotten started with this project. I signed up to EVE for the spaceships, but the cameraderie I’ve found from fellow artists in the community is a great bonus.


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